Final event

Placed 25/10/2012

Final event: Monday November 26th 2012, Het Pand, Gent, Belgium

13:30   Introduction IDEA project and  IWT-SBO framework

  Dick Botteldooren - UGent

13:40  High resolution monitoring

  Timothy Van Renterghem - UGent

  Jan Theunis - VITO

14:00  Intelligent data mining

  Bernard De Baets - UGent

  Dick Botteldooren - UGent

14:15  Controlling large data volumes   and offering services

  Abdellah Touhafi - EHB

  Bart Dhoedt - UGent

14:30 to 16:00 Posters and demos on the following topics

- selection of alternative microphone and measurement system

- development of cheap gas sensors (CO)

- measurement quality assessment including self calibrating microphone

- OGC-SOS compatible database structures for handling huge amounts of data

- plug and measure demonstration, experience with participatory sensing

- life tracing of mobile black carbon (BC) measurements, life demonstration

- proxy measurements for particles (UFP, BC): gas sensors and noise

- spatial interpolation strategies for sparse measurements including land use, proxies and mobile measurements e.g. based on trained systems

- strategies and application of mobile measurements of black carbon (BC)

- agent based continuous and autonomous data analysis (basic and advanced noise indicators)

- services offered and strategy for third party development based on IDEA data

- automatic acoustic summary

- sound recognition and labeling including the gaming strategy for labeling prototypes

- sound event identification by combining data from different location

- extracting traffic information from sound

- validating and improving noise maps on the basis of long term observations

- new monitoring opportunities offered by IDEA: quiet areas, wind turbine, music, building site, truck delivery, …

15:00   Breakout: valorization of IDEA

  Zane Smilga- VERHAERT

  Wouter Haerick- UGent

16:00  Case studies - testimonies

16:30  IDEA in European perspective

  Henk Wolfert - Eurocities

17:00  Drink

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