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There is a growing concern about the impact of environmental stressors on the quality of life and the health of people in Flanders. To assess these, detailed local measurements are often essential.


The IDEA project focusses in particular on environmental stressors that have a very local character such as (ultra) fine particulate matter and noise. The spatial extend and temporal detail obtained by most measurement networks today is insufficient to meet these local demands and the price for further extension of "classical" measurement networks is high.


An important goal of IDEA is to develop a measurement network of less performant (and thus much cheaper) sensors that makes use of bio-inspired intelligent systems to reduce the loss of quality of global data. Increasing bandwith and coverage of computer networks as well as distributed computing systems, allow extended analyses based on these new sensor networks with new functionalities such as source identification, creating reliable alarms, or feeding models for short term prediction.


IDEA is a 4 year project funded under the SBO scheme (Strategic Basic Research) and is financed for 240 person months by the IWT Vlaanderen ( IDEA was categorised as a project with primary interest of valorisation for the benefit of society. IDEA oficially started on Dec 1, 2008.





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